What´s your wish for 2015?

In 2014, my wish was “be happy”. But I know tha “wish’ is not enough to move the world, so I decided to live it.

I decided to fight, make a war and I was brave, perhaps more than I needed to be.

I made new friends and missed old ones. I went to several places; my office, Guarulhos, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Campinas and Guaxupé. What a year!

I was at the top, was down and on the outside of my own choices.

I got on a plane home and realized that entire walls are not enough to turn a place into home.

I decided come back for building a new life then I realized that you need entire walls to turn a place into home.

I saw snow. Lots of snow. Snowstorm that is just beginning to fall. But also lived a whole summer.

I wanted to change.  I changed it.  I was the change, but it was not as Gandhi foresaw. It  did not move the world.

Living abroad, I would feel my country. It is almost half of a year now living a Canadian life and I´m feeling more Brazilian than ever.

I totally experienced why “saudade” is a word that just make sense in portuguese. I saw people calling me Henatta, which is funny.

I made friends with names that carry only one vowel.  I saw that Canadians dogs trust everyone. They are not like our dogs.

There is something in our latin soul that makes us question it when everything is doing so good. (When the glass is totally full).

I learned to drink coffee with cream and to carry a mug hanging in the backpack is super cool if you call it mug. (ok, this line just make sense in Portuguese as well).

If you wear pijamas on the street, you are almost a local guy. The same if you complain about the weather, TTC and tax. This is so North America (and I love it guys, don’t get me wrong).

I must confess that I love Toronto when the day is crazy. It makes me feel in Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo, my beautiful city is responsible for teaching me to survive everywhere. And just so you guys know, the TTC is not even a half chaotic as the public transportation in Sao Paulo.

I lived more than 30 years in Brazil, but I turned an adult in Canada, even being a teenager spirit. Perhaps this is what happens to you when you move from the tropics to the pole.


I found out what is choosing a track and stay there, using the time wisely, focused, without miss a second of leafs falling on the skyline, when the earth touches the sky.

Never was so crowded here, inside me, in my bag, in my closet, in my soul.

I never felt so good to find cornmeal in the supermarket and buying a new pillow at Walmart, where you can probably find a car, a unicorn and a defibrillator if need it. (Part of the post sponsored by Samantha Zanco lol)

Found out that “who believes always reaches”, “if you build it, he will come,” “the early bird catches the worm” and “there is no place like home.”

I found out that the dumbest and most courageous thing anyone can do is to find its place in the world. And the most indecent thing that can happen on the way is your question turns to:  “which place the whole world takes on you.”

What is my wish for 2015? I wish to be, not the change, but the world!  And I wish the year that is coming up finds the house clean when it get here.

So, it is better start. Not now because it’s almost Christmas, but in the perfect day to start being a better person; yesterday.

Happy 2015! I wish all your dreams come true.

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